AntiVirus Software Tested

No, I didn’t test ’em all, but John Bang posting as “Interceptor” over at Suggest a Fix PC Support Forums did. Big thanks, John. His antivirus software test results are witty, informative, and, based on my experience with Symantec, McAfee, Avast, Etrust EZAntivirus, and AVG, accurate and unbiased.

John’s recommendation overall is AntiVir, which he finds more configurable than the simpler, but slightly more effective, Avast. He says AntiVir was effective 95% of the time. Both are available free in personal editions; either should do just fine as long as the maker continues to provide regular virus signature updates.

John’s results are more valuable than most both because of his sensible test procedures, PC News Digest Best Choice Award. and because he actually runs a computer repair center and has more than a little hands-on experience with infected machines. John’s excellent work on a vital topic earns this week’s PC News Digest Best Choice Award! Good show, John.

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