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What’s a website designer doing with a PBWiki? Creating a webpage for Binghamton, NY’s 44th annual July Fest , of course!

Free Appraisal of Antiques and Collectibles by Bob Connelly during Binghamton's July Fest, Friday and Saturday, July 8 and 9. The July Fest arts and music festival is sponsored by the Downtown Binghamton Business Association (DBBA) of which my clients, Bob & Sallie Connelly, are prominent members and ardent supporters. One of the attractions this year is Bob Connelly’s Binghamton Antique Roadshow, a free appraisal clinic that Bob, a master appraiser and local celebrity, will run with help from other area appraisers. When Sallie asked me to put the clinic on their Calendar of Events , I agreed, but noted that I couldn’t find a webpage for the July Fest.

“Oh,” said Sallie, “funds are low, and the DBBA never gets around to it. I’ll send you the July Fest flyer , and when you put up the Clinic notice, I’ll ask the papers to link to it.”

Well, I wrote up Bob Connelly’s Appraisal Clinic for their Calendar, wrote a PRWEB press release to get a little action for the Clinic and publicity for Bob (he deserves it) and the Fest, and decided to use this month’s public service hours building a webpage for the July Fest.

I found a few mentions of past July Fests on the web and even one current mention, but relied on the flyer for most of the current information. First I made a list of the sponsors (where would a fest be without backers?), using Google, Yahoo! and MSN Search to ferret out websites and tag lines.Artist's Showcase at Binghamton, NY July Fest 2006 Beside Bob and Sallie Connelly , the Fest has some really major sponsors — IBM , Clear Channel Radio , and Crowley Foods — and lots of local merchants, including some spirited ones, like the Brunelli Gallery and M&D-R-Nuts . Then I made a list of events, taking graphics from the flyer and making some to illustrate Bob’s Appraisal Clinic, the Arts & Crafts Show, Artist’s Showcase, Antique Car & Truck Show, Children’s Area, and live music by Splash and the Morgan String Band .

Visit the Binghamton July Fest Wiki I was writing the introduction when I realized that July Fest is an annual event and much of what I was preparing for this year’s outing would be good for next year, and maybe some of what I was doing was inaccurate, or could be supplemented to advantage by others with more resources. And then I thought wiki. A wiki is a perfect way to display information about a topic in a way that can be easily modified, both by the original editor and by others, including others the editor wouldn’t and couldn’t know to invite.

And that’s the story of the Binghamton July Fest wiki . Check it out, and if you’re in the Binghamton, NY area on July 7 or 8, go see it in person. It’s got something for everyone!

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