Do You Twitter?

I don’t.  I did.  Long enough to find out why I don’t.

As you know, I’m a business consultant providing management, real estate and technology services.  My address book, including a few dozen friends and relations, has over 500 contacts.

Tweety Twitter

Would you believe only a half-dozen real people from my address book are on Twitter?  (Chris Pirillo isn’t a real person, he’s a self-aggrandizement industry.)

One Twitterer was a relative who’d set his preferences to prevent auto-hookup of followers.  I see this syndrome on LinkedIn, too, where I maintain an active profile.  Why, exactly, would anyone join a social network to be anti-social?  I mean we’re not talking about Tom Cruise here, or the Pope.

Another was a life COACH. (He lives in CAPITALS.)  Looking for work, I guess.  Never did understand why anyone would him to think for them.

Two were legitimate people checking out Twitter.  Each sent a tweet 5 or 6 months ago.  Just one.  Never returned.  Not anal like me.  I deleted my account.

And two were just plain lonely, losers.  Clients of mine I’ve long since fired.  One of whom is still a real estate broker.  Probably still complaining about not being able to make a living at it.

Don’t look for me on Twitter.  OK?

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