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It used to be that a business without a fax number was considered a very small business. Today it’s the lack of a website that shouts “small.”

No Excuse.  And yet there’s no excuse for not having one. At least no monetary excuse. For years, professional organizations, such as the American Society of Appraisers, have offered their members free webpages. But today you don’t have to belong to an organization to get a free business website. All that’s needed is Internet access — and you can get that at your local library.

Website displayed on flat screen monitor.

Yahoo! Steps Up Again.  Now in beta, but sure to go gold soon, is Yahoo!’s free website for local business owners. I checked it out last night, creating a website for the Webshop in about 30 minutes, using the supplied templates and filling in the blanks — no experience in webbery required.

Really, really, really.  Yahoo!, who has lots of experience supplying and managing the free GeoCities websites for personal use, figures you’ll like your free business website so much, you’ll probably spring for an upgrade. The free site has limitations: it’s supported by Yahoo! ads, can’t easily be expanded or heavily customized, and resides at a hard-to-remember domain, like ours — But heck, it really is free, it looks really nice, and you can pack in more than enough info to make it really useful.

We Do Free, Too.  Of course, if you want a professionally created, professionally managed website for your business, my Webshop has a free website offer, too. Professionals designing a business website. This one will cost you something. You pay for domain registration, hosting, and server setup, and we’ll build a basic website for free. Like this one for Griffith Appraisals, run by Tim Griffith, a New Jersey real estate appraiser, or this one for Tonkinson Apppraisals, run by Jim Tonkinson, a machinery & equipment appraiser, or this one for Sugarhill Services Corp., the Harlem real estate property developers and managers. Totally free is better than looking “small.” But, with apologies to the Donald, a website that works trumps that, too. At the Webshop, our committment is to websites that work — that not only look good, but are productive. Check it out.

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