Get $3 at Staples for Used Printer Cartridges

Recycling is a good idea. Convenient recycling is a better idea. But best of all is recycling that pays. Staples has made recycling used ink and toner cartridges easy and profitable.

When I bought printer cartridges recently, the cashier told me that I could exchange used cartridges for $3 off coupons. The coupons, valid for 3 months, can be used in store, online, or by phone for most purchases with minor, reasonable restrictions.

Before I left, I was given a preprinted press-to-seal poly bag in which to return used cartridges neatly and safely (leaks contained). When I returned four cartridges yesterday, the cashier promptly and pleasantly produced four $3 off coupons. The used cartridges will be remanufactured and sold under the Staples brand or recycled.

Thanks to Staples for supporting recycling. The coupons for cartridges program is part of a larger, company-wide committment to recycling. Applause, applause.

And more applause for making it easy to recycle printer cartridges, for training their Staples staff to support it, and for incentivizing the process. This is how recycling should work!

You’re right Staples, “that was easy®.”

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