Google Chrome

Google has taken its eye off the ball with its too-hasty release of the Chrome browser. While its handling of each tab as an independent entity is just what’s needed in an imperfect Web 2.0 world –and hopefully will be emulated by IE and Firefox developers — Chrome falls short of implementing the usability that has long attracted users to Google products.

Because of a non-compliant proprietary JavaScript engine, Chrome does not work with many websites that IE and Firefox handle gracefully. For shame!

But the deal-breaker for me is that Chrome doesn’t work with the widely-used Roboform password manager. Yes, Chrome offers to save passwords. But I’ve got literally hundreds of site-specific passwords and (a) I need portability from browser to browser and PC to PC, and (b) I’m not trusting my passwords even to the worthies at Google.

Chrome is clean, and quick. But without Roboform, it’s stupid.

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