Just Scroll Down — NOT!

Sometimes it’s the little things that make or break an application.

Although I use and generally like Yahoo! Mail Plus, every time I open an HTML-formatted email containing graphics, I wonder if Yahoo!’s designers actually use their products.

Like many geeks and business types, I send and receive email in text rather than HTML for speed and safety. But sometimes I get an email, say from a respected merchant, containing graphics that I want or need to see. Like the one from TigerDirectB2B.com whose images not only portray the product, but also the price. Shame on the Tiger.

If I scroll down all three screens of TigerDirectB2B.com’s email, I arrive at Yahoo’s parting line: The HTML graphics in this message have been blocked. [Show HTML GraphicsEdit Preferences]

If you had designed the Yahoo! email navigation — and used it — wouldn’t you have included the option to "Show HTML Graphics" at the top of the email, where it’s needed? Shame on Yahoo!

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