Machinery & Equipment Appraisals

Kal Barrow, a machinery and equipment appraiser and the recent past President of the Northern New Jersey Chapter of the American Society of Appraisers , asked ” How come I’m not included in the Chapter’s Directory of Appraisers ?”

The answer is that the Directory is a website directory — you have to have a website to be in it, just as you need a telephone to be listed in the phone book. The analogy is apt. A modern business without a website is like one without a telephone two generations ago.

To get Kal into the Chapter Directory, we needed to get him a website. After checking out several alternatives, I set up a Gmail account for Kal, which let me build a site using Google’s Page Creator . This looked good for several reasons: no cost, good choice of templates (skins), easy set up, no ads, and hosted by a company not likely to go out of business.

I gave it a good effort, but Page Creator is a poor choice if you’re trying to build something other than a blog. Formatting the text was formidably difficult — and I’m a website designer. I liked the layout and color scheme but had to fight to change font size, line spacing, centering, boldening, etc. Sayonara Page Creator.

Drill pressI’d previously built a similar courtesy website for another machinery and equipment appraiser, Jim Tonkinson. But Jim’s site took too long, and is hosted on my servers, so Jim has to contact me for updates and changes. I wanted something Kal could change and perhaps customize himself.

Having just completed a PBWiki for the Binghamton, NY July Fest , I decided to use that platform again. The wiki for Barrow Appraisal Associates is a little noisy visually — wikis always are, especially free ones that include advertising — but it tells Kal’s story quickly and neatly.

Machinery and equipment appraisers are typically called in when a business changes hands — think sales, acquisitions, mergers, bankruptcies, partnership dissolutions, estate settlements — or needs financing. Often they collaborate with business valuation and real estate appraisers to get the full picture. They do appraisals and cost surveys, often giving testimony in court cases as expert witnesses. Their work covers most industries, including mines, factories, offices, etc. The best part of their job? Most, like Kal, are very well-traveled!

Kal offers over 40 years experience worldwide for a variety of clients and industries. Educated at New York University, he is a popular speaker and writer who “gives back” by teaching and contributing to professional organizations, like the American Society of Appraisers (ASA). If you’re an attorney, accountant, business owner, manager, or governmental official looking for a top machinery and equipment appraiser, visit the Barrow Appraisal Associates website.

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