Make Yahoo! Default Email

I know, the big news today is that Yahoo! and Microsoft are talking merger. But that didn’t help me as I tried to set up Yahoo! Mail as the default email program on a new PC. It used to be that you could go to Yahoo! Mail Help and find a link for an ActiveX download that would do the trick. But no more.

Rooted around in Yahoo! Help. Searched the techie forums. Tried and Yahoo! Answers (does anybody real ever ask or answer there?). Just spinning my wheels. By the way, you’ll find this link — — everywhere. Don’t bother with it. It doesn’t work anymore.

The answer is you need to install Yahoo! Messenger — the PC client by download, not the web version. You can get it here: The download will install Yahoo! Messenger, Yahoo! Browser Services, and Yahoo! Internet Mail. You can keep the first two, if you like, or just uninstall them from Control Panel/Add or Remove Programs.

Following the installation, you’ll find Start Menu, Desktop, and QuickLaunch icons for Yahoo! Mail. Also, from Control Panel > Internet Options > Programs > Email you’ll be able to switch from the current Email program (Outlook Express by default) to Yahoo! Mail. (You can get there from IE > Tools also.)

Now when you click on a mail link, IE will open with a Yahoo! Compose Mail window. Yahoo!

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