On My Yahoo! Mail Wishlist

Top items on my wishlist for Yahoo! Mail are speed: Faster loading of the Yahoo! Mail Beta interface and faster loading of folders — “loading” messages stink. And then there’s the cavalier complaint about screen resolutions less than 1024 X 768:

There seems to be a screen resolution problem. Your screen resolution is set below our minimum recommendation. When it’s set under 1024 x 768 pixels, the Yahoo! Mail Beta won’t look as good.

Hey guys. The problem isn’t my screen resolution, it’s your design!

One-Click to Block Sender
Okay, so maybe those items were more in the nature of bitches than wishes. Here are two constructive criticisms that will improve Yahoo! Mail in its current and future incarnations. One thing that makes Yahoo! Mail really useful is its excellent SPAM filter. Of course, no filter is perfect, and many of the “misses” come from pests who can be banished by domain. To this end, Yahoo! Mail offers a blocklist (blacklist) of up to 500 addresses. Now what’s needed is a one-click option to add an offender to the list. We already have “Add Sender to Contacts;” adding sender to blocklist should be a no-brainer. And how about a larger blocklist for Mail Plus clients?

More and Better Mail Filters
The other thing that makes Yahoo! Mail useful for professionals is that its built on a folder structure. (I know tagging and keeping everything a la Gmail sounds easier, but it’s only as useful as the structure in your brain.) Yahoo! makes it easy to create folders and direct mail to them with user-configured filters (and SPAMGuard and AddressGuard). Ad-supported Yahoo! Mail offers 15 filters that sort on the From, To/CC, Subject and Body fields; Plus Mail has 50. Professionals need more, probably closer to 100 filter — even more if they’re not made more powerful. And how about adding power by enabling Regular Expressions? Under the current setup, it takes two filters to implement an OR condition. Note to Yahoo! designers: look at Mailwasher Pro for a really useful filter deployment.

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