The White Plains Press: A New Press Release Publisher

As a website producer, I have produced some clever websites, some that are elegant, even some that are artistic. But my claim to fame is that I produce websites that work.

My promise to each new client is that the website I make for them will help their organization grow, adding business, members, and prestige. That’s a pretty tall order for a few bits and bytes in cyberspace.

Usually, “making it work” requires some marketing of the organization, often including press releases.

Until recently, I’d work up the press releases, send copies to the local newspapers, and “publish” it online using a press release service. Some of these services are nominally free — and have a spotty record of success. Others, that work consistently, have a fee schedule that depends on speed, tracking, and promised distribution, etc.

Eventually, I realized that what the press release publishing services actually do is to make sure the major search engines, particularly Google, picked up and indexed the press releases I trusted to them.

The White Plains Press: Press Release Publishing

But wait a minute. I don’t need to pay someone to do that. I can do it myself with a little care and effort. And so the White Plains Press was born.

At the Press, you’ll find press releases for local non-profits, like Bryant Gardens and the White Plains Council of Neighborhood Associations (WPCNA), for small businesses like Delmonte-Smelson Jewelers, Hudson Valley Energy Consultants (HVEC), and Balch Buyer’s Realty, for upstate companies, like Bob & Sallie Connelly who do appraisals, auctions, sell antiques, and run an art gallery, for out of state organizations, like the Biz@Net Business Networking Group, and for local chapters of the American Society of Appraisers. And that’s just in its first three weeks of operation.

Today, the White Plains Press is a useful (and successful) handmaiden to the Tomorrow, well tomorrow the child could be feeding its parent.

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