Tooltips by Walter Zorn

There are still a few of us who code our webpages "by hand." If you’re one of us, this pointer to Tooltips by Walter Zorn is for you.

Tooltip Example.
A tooltip is a popup information box, similar to the box that appears when you hold your mouse cursor over an image whose tag includes alternative or title text. Except Walter Zorn’s Tooltips — like this one — are configured by you, not the browser.

Uniquely Suitable.
Of course, Zorn’s isn’t the only code out there for producing tooltips, but after testing a number of them, I found his unique. It’s highly configurable, browser friendly, well behaved, easy to use, and available for a voluntary donation or free.

Well Behaved.
Zorn’s Tooltips are the only ones we tested that behave predictably and intelligently. Other’s unexpectedly "get stuck" on the page, or don’t pop up when the target lies near the browser’s edge, or dance drunken attendance on the cursor — and some exhibit all of these misbehaviors.

Cross-Platform, Browser Friendly. It’s easy to find tooltips that work pretty well in late versions of Windows’ Internet Explorer. Walter Zorn’s Tooltips work well in Konqueror 3, Browsers with Gecko-Engine (Mozilla, Netscape 6, Galeon), Netscape 4 and 6, and Opera 5 and 6 on Linux and in Netscape 4, Gecko Browsers, IE 4, 5.0, 5.5 und 6.0, and Opera 5, 6, 7 in Windows. And probably more, too. Use Zorn’s Tooltips and you can be certain that 99.9% of your visitors will see them as you intended.

Easy to Use. I may code by hand, but I hate things that are unnecessarily complicated and/or bloated. Zorn’s code is lean, clean and resides, as it should, in a separate JavaScript file. To use it, you add a link at the bottom of the page, just before the end Body tag. And you call the script with a brief mouseover.

Highly Configurable.
Just about everything — size, colors, fonts, shadows, opacity, behavior, etc. — is configurable globally, in the outboard JavaScript file, and locally using overriding commands in the mouseover call. For example, this Tooltip was configured locally. The Tooltip can contain HTML tags, including images!

Best Choice Award Winner. PC News Digest Best Choice Award.
It will come as no surprise that we’ve chosen Walter Zorn’s Tooltips as the well-deserved recipient of this week’s PC News Digest Best Choice Award. We enjoy using this carefully crafted JavaScript software; we’re happy to recommend it. We hope you’ll use it, and make a donation to Walter to encourage him to keep up the great work.

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