Traveling Light: Outlet Strip with USB Ports

You’re off to Duluth, taking your notebook (or netbook), smartphone, Bluetooth adapter, digital camera and GPS navigator.  Fortunately, all your gear is relatively new – smaller and lighter than what you schlepped around a few years ago.

But you’ve still got a bagful of adapters to charge all that lightweight gear.  And an outlet strip to power the adapters.

But gear just got lighter thanks to the Belkin Mini Surge Protector Dual USB Charger sold in office supply and electronic stores for $10 to $25.  I got mine from onSale, an Amazon partner, for $9.89.

This space and weight-saver has 3 surge-protected AC outlets and 2 USB ports, and has a rotating plug, so it fits into almost any available outlet.

Since most newer electronic gear can be charged from a USB port, the only adapter I need to carry now is the one for the computer (which provides another USB charging port).

Thanks Belkin.  Good product!

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