Two Favorite Browser Extensions

If you’re alive and well in the 21st century, you spend a big chunk of each day reading and sharing.  Two of my favorite productivity tools make those activities neater and easier.

Send to Kindle by Amazon is a browser extension for Firefox, Chrome and probably other browsers by the time you read this.  send2kindleIt strips away ads, sidebars, menus, etc. and makes it quick and easy to format, preview, and send to your Kindle or Kindle app any page you find on the Internet.  I use it throughout the day as I find interesting but not urgent material that I’m happy to read later on the train, while waiting for lunch, an elevator, an appointment, or before retiring at night.  Like most things Amazon, it’s simple, intuitive and powerful.

The other extension I think you’ll like is Print Friendly.  It too strips away the extraneous from the core of an Internet web page and prepares it for printing or saving printfriendlyas a PDF.  It’s available as a webpage button, browser bookmarklet, or extension for Chrome or Firefox.  Print Friendly is a great way to share articles from sources behind a firewall and to archive material that would otherwise expire and be unavailable.


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