Software Updates

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Software updates improve performance and security at the cost of a little of your time.

Most computers work just fine fresh out of the box, and most applications perform as expected when first installed.  So what’s with all the updates?

Working, Not Perfect.  Operating systems and programs — the instructions that control a computer’s brain, organs and appendages — are released to consumers, not as finished products, but as works in progress.

Updating SoftwareImprovements.  Until the boss says “enough” — project closed —  the team that produced the system or program continues to tweak it for better performance, to fix glitches, and to introduce improvements.

Security.  Like houses and furniture, systems and programs are initially designed for usability, appearance, cost and marketability.  Safety and security are tacked on afterwards.

Playing Catch-Up.  Once a system or program has been released, the design team uses updates to deliver the improvements and security that could have been built into the product from the beginning were there “but world enough and time.“

Tag.  You’re IT.  If you ignore the updates, not only will you miss out on the improvements, but you’ll leave your computer vulnerable to every Tom, Dick and Hacker who has an Internet connection and knows the system and program shortcomings.

Did You Read the EULA? Today’s computers are amazingly powerful and surprisingly versatile.  But they’re only as accurate and secure as the software that powers them.  And you’re the field engineer responsible for the software updates.  Welcome to the Team!

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