Vonage: Switch for Savings, Stay for Service

Let me tell you a quick, true story about my phone company. I had previously dealt with them via email and their website.  But now I had a problem that needed a live person.  Frankly, after years of un-service from the likes of Verizon and AT&T, I dreaded the call.

I dialed the number for service — expecting to be shunted to a call-center in Bangladesh — and was greeted by a recording that asked me to wait a minute then put me on hold.  Bad start, right?  Wrong!  Great start!  Less than 10 seconds later, another recording said “I see you’re having trouble porting your old phone number.  Let me transfer you to someone who can help.”

Without further ado — and without endless requests to identify myself, give my mother’s maiden name, social security number, and the number I was calling from — Rick in New Jersey said “Hello,” accessed my records, and discussed the problem, incidentally not of their making.  Rick explained the problem and took responsibility for it, telling me what he’d do and what steps to take if his solution didn’t work.

Rick’s efforts solved the problem.  I never called back to thank him, so Rick, if you’re out there, a big thanks for your help.

Oh, and the name of the phone company that uses intelligent systems and intelligent service representatives?  VONAGE!

I switched to Vonage three or four months ago, porting two numbers and acquiring a third for fax service.  The “installation” couldn’t have been simpler, with custom Vonage adapters integrating easily with my existing computer network straight out of the box.  

I love the “extra” features included in the service — stuff like caller ID and call forwarding I call “extras” because I used to pay extra to have them.  With Vonage, they’re included, more extensive, and easily managed online through their website.

And the sound quality, which I can adjust from normal to higher to highest, according to how much bandwidth I can spare, beats my old POTS (plain old telephone service) hands down at all settings!

Oh yeah, and did I mention all the money I’m saving?  At Vonage you’ll switch for the savings and stay for the service!

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