Yahoo! Mail Plus Languishes

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Moving forward with Tumblr and Apps, Yahoo! Neglects its Legacy Mail Plus

I used to hate the Yahoo! Mail app on my Android.  But that’s changed recently.  Yahoo! Mail on my Samsung Galaxy SIII is faster and easier to use, rivaling Gmail.  Now I hate Yahoo! Mail on my desktop PC.

Yahoo! FloundersI have a Yahoo! Mail Plus (YMP) email account which I use to sort and organize email for my clients, activities, and interests.  YMP lets me assign a dedicated email address — Yahoo! calls it a disposable address — to each client, activity or interest, and then sort email for the dedicated addresses into suitably named folders. That means email from Bojangle Jewelry or the Sustainability Committee bypasses my Inbox and slides into the appropriate Bojangle or Sustainability folder, marked to show the number of unread messages.

That’s the good part, the reason I stick with Yahoo! Mail when Google is faster and has more features.  Here’s the gripe.  Enabling the preview pane is a pain, since I’ve typically got to do a lot of scrolling to see the entire message.  But with the preview pane disabled, when I open a folder in the second half of the alphabet, I have to scroll down to arrive at the folder, then scroll up to see the unopened email in it.  Scroll, scroll, scroll takes its toll, toll, toll.

The new unimproved Yahoo! Mail for the PC desktop was clearly built by Yahooligans who never tested the GUI with many folders, and don’t understand that folders are the reason people stick with Yahoo! Mail.

Yahoo! CEO Marissa Mayer promised not to screw up Tumblr, after its recent acquisition.  Nice! But how about not screwing up Yahoo! Mail, a legacy property whose folders keep legions of users glued to an otherwise second-rate mail provider?

P.S.  And while you’re fixing things, Marissa, how about losing the myriad network delays, for which Yahoo! has a cupboard full of error messages, and making it play nice with all major browsers, not just IE?  As a Doctor’s first responsibility is to do no harm, an email provider’s should be to brook no delays.

Lou Bruno is the founder of the Bryant Hills Group, which offers Internet Marketing, Computer Systems, Real Estate and Business Management services.

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